Shandong Feiao Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd

Established in January, 2017 , Shandong Feiao Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd specializes in research and development, manufacturing of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) engines. With more than 60 employees, our company engaged in development, manufacturing of UAV engine for about 15 years, we achieved initial success in 2015 and developed new program of small aero-engine in 2016, which made a great leap in product quality and obtained 9 patents, so we established a new research and development base in Rizhao City, Shandong province, China in 2017, named Shandong Feiao Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

Our company has more than 20 kinds of products. According to the cylinder arrangement, it can be divided into single series, twin series, Cylinder inline series, Four-Cylinders series, Electric-starting engine series. According to the cooling method, it can be divided into Wind-cooling and Wind-cooling engine. They can be widely used in different air-crafts, like helicopter UAV, fix-wing UAV, rotor UAV, ect. Among them, the cylinder inline engine series, water-cooling engine series, Electric-starting Engine series are our competitive product in the market, and we developed the miniaturization and light water-cooling engine, as well as cylinder inline engine and small  engine series with integrated electric-starter and power-generator together.

80 percents of our products were sold to UAV manufacturers in Civilian fields. Engines were also exported to many overseas markets, like USA, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and got good reputations in the world. Our twin-cylinder wind-cooling engine had good performance in Chinese Antarctic Expedition for more than one year and completed expedition task successfully.