Idle speed2000rpm
Exhaust bore/stroke 37mm*30mm
Actual Max.Fuel Consumption 2.34L/h
WeightEngine:2573g,  alternator:418g, power manager:400g
Staring Power Source 12S lipo  battery
Compression ratio 8:1
Spark PlugIridium*4
Optional FunctionsAutomatic  start, 400W/600W Alternator
Lubrication Ratio Recommend:  30:1    (trial run)      
45:1    (normal flying)
Fuel / Lubrication   Oil Heavy  Fuel  / Full Synthetic 2T Oil    



    1. EFI system, suitable for high altitude flying.

    2. Double spark plug design, better reliability andstability.

    3. The cylinder head is splited and machined by CNC, the engineruns more consistently.

    4. Cylinder equipped with pressure reducing valve, it makeengine start easier.

    5. Electrical parts with aviation plugs, more solid andreliable.

    6. Improved material and machining technology.

    Notice: In order to make the engine performance to the best. The fuel pulse width must be calibrated on the special test bench according to the corresponding propeller size. Please contact with us before purchase.